Military Projects

The mission of Falcon Marine is to develop and provide the highest quality, high speed, police, security and military patrol boats to our customers, on time, under budget, safely and in compliance with applicable standards, codes and regulations.

We are supporters of enforcement.

Our drive to protect

The owners of Falcon Marine, together have 65+ years of engineering, project management, development, manufacture and sale of products for the commercial and military marine markets.

Current Falcon developmental projects include research in

Advanced high speed hull form design, shock mitigation and vessel control, Improved Drive Systems, Autonomous and semi autonomous vessels, Vessel Electronic Systems.

Built to military specs

Falcon specializes in the production of advanced, high strength, light weight composite hulls and decks utilizing infusion and other closed molding processes that it’s owners had developed and worked with during the 16 years that they owned and operated Composite Holdings, Inc and its subsidiary companies.

Resins include but are not limited to: Poly Ester, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy, Phenolic and Polyurethane. The parts produced are both cored and non-cored. The core materials vary widely with the ability to thermoform core materials for tightly curved parts eliminating the print through common with the serrated core materials.

Core capabilities also include foam injected parts using urethane and epoxy foaming materials.

Power-Vent ™ Marine Drive Systems for Commercial and Military use

The next generation in Marine Propulsion Systems

The POWER-VENT ™ Marine Drive System is based on inboard type simplicity and reliability with the performance characteristics of Surfacing Propellers and the shallow draft of Jets.

Power-Vent ™ is a unique, scalable drive system thats simplicity and reliability inherently combines the feature characteristics of all other drive systems while significantly reducing operational and maintenance costs