Capabilities Statement

Falcon Marine specializes in the development of manufacturing processes and procedures for the production of composite products either in the customer’s facility or in Falcon’s.

We have 40,000 manufacturing floor space available, with engineering and management support.

Falcon's goal is to assist its customers in realizing their product objectives.

Project design management of its own engineering and design staff and subcontracted specialty engineers and designers for specific requirements.

Product models, 3D CAD drawings and /or mock ups and full prototype components or complete products as required. Baseline budgets, critical path scheduling and project milestone points for customer review and communication during the development process.

Falcon produces Prototypes, Molds, One-Off and Parts Production Parts and complete assemblies.

The composite manufacturing processes used by Falcon are environmentally friendly focusing on a variety of closed molding techniques, including, but not limited to: Infusion, Vacuum Bag, RTM, VARTM, Light RTM and PrePreg utilizing Glass, Carbon, Kevlar and other exotic reinforcements.

Materials are key

Resins include but are not limited to: Poly Ester, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy, Phenolic and Polyurethane. The parts produced are both cored and non-cored.

The core materials vary widely with the ability to thermoform core materials for tightly curved parts eliminating the print through common with the serrated core materials.

Core capabilities also include foam injected parts using urethane and epoxy foaming materials.

Complete project management, customer support and communication from the initial design through mockups, prototype, testing, full production and warranty service.